BlueSkeye AI is solving a massive global health problem with ethical AI.

BlueSkeye AI is featured in TechEntrepreneur Podcast series. Ton Dobbe, author of the Remarkable Effect, which defines the traits of successful software businesses, interviewed our CEO and co-founder of BlueSkeye AI, Michel Valstar.

Ton’s podcast series focuses on software technologies and their founders who have something remarkable to talk about. We were delighted to talk about the impact that BlueSkeye AI is having.

“Roughly half the people on this planet will give birth to a child, and 10-20% of those women will suffer, unfortunately, from poor mental health…. Even if we could only help 10% of these people, this would be a massive contribution to humanity”. (Michel Valstar, CEO and co-founder BlueSkeye AI)

In this podcast you can hear how BlueSkeye AI is tackling big social problems and contributing to improving mental health. Michel talks candidly about BlueSkeye AI’s commitment to creating value from using AI technology for individuals and health populations, specifically in the context of the early detection of perinatal mental health issues or problems ahead of the exciting launch of our new Health and Wellbeing App.

Ton and Michel talked about the distinctive way in which BlueSkeye AI technology and its products have been architected ethically to recognise individuals’ expressive behaviour to assist with the objective early detection of mental health states.

Michel talks openly about BlueSkeye AI’s vision to develop technology that solves problems, contributes to humanity and generates value, all whilst being designed with users in mind to ensure maximum engagement and adoption at a time when the market is ready.

You can listen in full and read more about the interview and the key lessons learnt from Ton Dobbe at

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