At BlueSkeye AI, we are on a mission to leverage novel technology to improve female mental health and wellbeing.

We have harnessed our world-leading face analysis and automatic human behaviour technology, developed in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, to support women during their fertility, pregnancy and menopause journeys. We have developed Avocado, a bespoke smartphone app that can automatically and objectively detect mood changes during these journeys.

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Key Features & Benefits

Virtual Agent

Our virtual agents provide end-users with a natural, engaging interface. The use of agents improves the measurement of mental health and wellbeing. As a customer, you have the option to white-label the appearance and voice of the agents to match their branding. 

Interactive Calendar

An interactive calendar allows the end-user to quickly see how their mental health & wellbeing is developing, enter new measurements, or book appointments with our clients’ diagnostic or therapeutic services. 

State of the art face & voice visual & audio analysis

Fast and light-weight on-device analysis of face and voice behaviour enables state of the art indication of signs of mental disorders, mood, and stress. It also enhances empathic interaction with the virtual agent.

Group insights

Aggregated and anonymised data of your users is accessible in a dashboard, allowing you to drill-down to particular locations, peer groups, or time periods. This would allow quality assurance, AB-testing, dynamic resource allocation, and more.  

Unique mood measuring tasks

Our unique and laboratory tested interactive tasks are an engaging way to reliably measure mood, mental health, and wellbeing. This active measurement avoids reporting fatigue and unconscious bias in self-reporting. 

Tailored content

Many aspects of our mobile product can be tailored to your use case. This includes general branding, but also the tasks used to measure your user’s expressive behaviour, and the services and information they can access.