Maternal mental health awareness week is taking place this week, a campaign to raise awareness of mental health problems during and after pregnancy, to change attitudes surrounding maternal mental health and to advocate for mums to be able to access the information and support they need. During pregnancy and the postnatal period, many mothers experience heightened anxiety, feelings of isolation, judgement and guilt which are linked to pre-and postnatal depression and other mental health problems.

In line with Maternal Mental Health awareness week, at BlueSkeye AI we are on a mission to leverage novel technology to maternal female mental health and wellbeing. At BlueSkeye AI, we understand the importance of maternal mental health problems and know that they often go unnoticed. Mothers may not get the help they need, and this can lead to unfortunate and long-term consequences for both the mother and child.

We have developed Avocado, a bespoke smartphone app that engages users in tasks including recording a mood diary or reading a book out loud in order to automatically assess mood changes in mothers during their fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journeys. The AI system to detect the onset of pre-and postnatal depression for use in the NHS will be undergoing clinical trials, and Avocado is due to be launched in Summer 2021.

Can you help us to improve maternal mental health by aiding in app development? We are looking for Beta testers to help shape our app and work towards improving maternal mental health. If you or someone you know could help, please get in touch at


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