What is B-Social?

B-Social makes it easy to design a more engaging, empathetic and responsive virtual assistant or social robot for use in store or online.

B-Social uses machine learning to objectively and automatically analyse face and voice data to interpret medically relevant expressive behaviour and assist in the assessment and monitoring of, and the response to, health, mood and mental state.

Why use B-Social?

Using B-Social’s interactive AI driven face and voice analysis modules, you will be able to use real time analysis of expressed behaviour (facial action muscle actions, head actions and social gaze) in store and online to:

Better understand your customer’s journey, including the measurement of their product preferences and their levels of engagement and satisfaction with their customer experience

Generate customer insights based on behavioural data collected ethically, objectively and repeatedly in ways that were previously impossible

Engage empathetically with requests for customer service and
Personalise their brand experience.

What is B-Social is compatible with?

B-Social is designed to run on mobile phones,tablets and ARM SoCs without the need for additional processing in the cloud giving greater efficiency and privacy.

B-Social supports Android,iOS, Linux and MacOS. B-Social is fully customizable and supports your chosen software integration supplier.