Our Mission

The team at BlueSkeye AI work hard every day to harness our world-leading face analysis and automatic human behaviour technology to create mobile technology that supports mood management and emotional wellbeing, all done whilst operating within a strict ethical and data privacy framework.

How you can help

We need data to train our AI systems to become even better at objectively measuring apparent emotion. You can help us by becoming a data volunteer through one of our products, such as Avocado, our pregnancy app that helps expectant mothers to track their emotional and physical well-being. You do not have to have a mental health diagnosis to be a data volunteer as we are interested in all degrees of mental wellbeing.

What will i have to do

In Avocado, a virtual agent called Kira will guide you through one or more short tasks. These tasks include recording a pregnancy mood diary, singing a nursery rhyme or reading a book out loud to your bump.

Rather than taking the approach of the big-tech companies who grab as much of your data as possible, we have chosen to go the opposite way:

Instead of using the cloud, we do all computing on the phone

Instead of slurping up all our user’s data without properly informing them, we ask people upfront to volunteer their data, and do so anonymously

And even if people choose to join our cause by becoming a data volunteer, they will have to confirm an upload after every interaction with Avocado

And of course people can choose to remove their data later on

So, if you are as excited as we are about the promise of using technology to improve the lives of people struggling with their mental health, please consider joining our fantastic group of data volunteers. Thank you, your support is really important to us!

Michel & Tosh, Founders & Co-CEOs of BlueSkeye AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how is your data stored?

Your data will be stored on a secure encrypted servers in the UK which are not accessible to the public internet. When you upload your data we use two pseudo-anonymous user identifiers; one for interaction data, and one for mental health data. This is done to ensure separation between the data, making it difficult to link a person to their mental health data even to BlueSkeye employees. 

Who has access to your data?

The only people who have access to your data are our machine learning engineers working on our depression recognition algorithms. Thanks to the use of dual user identifiers, it is not possible for them to readily see what mental health or personality information goes with a particular video or audio file.

Do I have to have existing mental health issues to use the app?

No, we welcome everyone to use the app as we need people with all degrees of mental wellbeing to become data volunteers to help train Kira, including people who have no issues at all.

My first language isn’t English. Can I still participate?

Yes, but we are still working out how well this works for people with an accent. Your use of our products will help us test and improve that aspect.

How do I unsubscribe from the data volunteer program mailing list?

To unsubscript from our newsletter please email datavolunteering@blueskeye.com with the subject ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ from the email address that you are reciving the newletter to.

How do I request my data be removed from your servers?

To request removal of your personal information and submission please fill out this form.

How do I see what information you have about me?

Please contact us at data datavolunteering@blueskeye.com 

Where can I read more about your privacy policy?

More information about our privacy policy can be found here.

What phones are supported?

Currently we are supporting android and iOS only. For iOS you need to be running IOS version 12.0 or later, and for android version 6.0(Marshmallow) or later. We are currently collecting a list of phones that the app is not working on.