AI you can trust for Human behaviour analysis

What is B-Healthy?

B-Healthy makes it easy to both design a new health and well being app from scratch or to customise our unique measurement technology into your existing branded companion app.

B-Healthy uses machine learning to objectively and automatically analyse face and voice data to interpret medically relevant expressive behaviour and assist in the assessment, treatment and monitoring of health, mood and mental state.

B-Healthy is a modular system, where you choose which modules to combine.. Select one or more behaviours you want to measure, from a set including pain severity, apparent mood, drowsiness & fatigue, and coughs, sneezes & wheezes. Then pick the interactive tasks that best suit your target audience; such as a daily journaling feature guided by a virtual agent, or a game. Complete your app with the inclusion of support modules to allow for easy onboarding, provision of (video) instructions, and beautiful interactive data visualisations tailored to your end-users.

Why use B-Healthy?

Using B-Healthy’s interactive AI driven face and voice analysis modules, you can:

Interpret medically relevant expressive behaviour to help diagnose treat and monitor medical conditions.

Collect reliable, repeatable data, including measuring aspects that could previously only be obtained subjectively e.g facial expressions, gaze, speech acts, head actions, and body gestures.

Run larger, more efficient engaging and repeatable clinical trials and market research studies,

Increase reach, engagement and loyalty whilst reducing cost.

What is B-Heathy compatible with?

B-Healthy is designed to run on mobile phones and tablets without the need for additional processing in the cloud, giving greater efficiency and privacy.

B-Healthy supports Android and iOS. B-Healthy is fully customizable and supports your chosen software integration supplier